Mike Griggs’ Driving Range

Mike Griggs Range

Yesterday I had my own “Tin Cup” experience at the Mike Griggs Driving Range, and I mean that in a very positive way. You remember the well-worn driving range and the fun-loving characters in the movie.   This establishment is much the same.   Mike is a personable owner here, likely to throw a few extra golf balls in your bucket, and the mostly male clientele welcomed us warmly to their territory with golf pleasantries and even a story or two. The range itself, slightly worn around the edges, has a very laid back atmosphere.   Yes, you are hitting off mats, but if you are interested in working the kinks out of a rusty swing – who cares?   The range is lacking in grass, but it has clear yardage markers, mounded targets, and even a net with a target to practice pitch shots. Also, importantly, the Sticks Bar and Grill gladly sold me a cold one to help me finish up my bucket. The day was productive for me; I felt I learned a little something about my wedge even though I was hitting off a mat, a good feeling. Mike Griggs’ range is a welcoming place for women players, and you might even catch a glimpse of a Kevin Costner look-alike out on the range picking up range balls with a very definitely homemade rig built for the purpose.

Location: nestled between Staples and an abandoned miniature golf course on Arcadia Drive across from Sunrise Mall.

Prices: $6, $9, $12, and $20 (family sized) buckets

(Atmosphere – priceless)